Pennywise from IT cheeks and brow piece.

These pieces are created using deadened silicone, encapsulated in acetone based cap plastic.
These pieces can be painted using alcohol activated or cream paint.

They are supplied in white silicone, however you can request other colours.
Use fake-up adhesive (or pros-aide) to glue the piece and 99% acetone to blend the edges.

We advise the use of a bald cap when applying the forehead piece.


Images show customer application


For professional use only

A patch test is required to ensure there is no reaction with the skin before a prosthetic is applied. We advise using a water based adhesive such as pro-aide or fake-up adhesive. Should a reaction occur then discontinue application. Fake-Up will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions. Please read our application sheet that is available to download on our website or look at the application pages for silicone and gelatine.

Pennywise brow and cheekbones set