65gm (approx) block of SFX gelatine.

They come in 4 different standard tones, light, medium, tanned and dark flesh.

These are the same blocks that we use to create our prosthetic pieces.

Please let us know which colour you require when ordering.

Please remember that you cannot lighten when colouring prosthetic pieces, you can only darken. Therefore we recommend light coloured gelatine for prosthetics you intend to colour.


We can also supply custom colours. Minimum order of 4 blocks. Please contact us for details.

NEVER use hot gelatine on the skin.

Ingredients include Glycerin, sorbitol, zinc oxide, flocking, baking soda, acrylic emulsion tint and 300 bloom pork gelatine.


Visit our tutorial page for help with using this product.

SFX gelatine block

  • Light Flesh

    Medium Flesh

    Pink Flesh

    Tanned Flesh

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