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Applying and colouring SFX gelatine prosthetic pieces


If you have purchased a prosthetic from us, it will be lightly coated in powder to prevent the edges sticking together. Gently wipe the back and front of the piece with a wet wipe to remove any excess powder. Don't wipe it too hard or you could damage the edges. 

If there are larger feathered edges on the piece, these can be gently pulled away from the prosthetic. Don't use scissors as these will create an edge that you might not be able to blend.





Coat the back of the prosthetic with prosaide or similar and then coat the skin area where it's to be applied. Only apply a thin layer of adhesive. If you coat it too thickly, it will take much longer to dry. Wait until the adhesive is clear before performing the next step. If you can see white patches, (prosaide or fake-up adhesive) it's not dry yet and won't stick properly. 


Gently place the piece on the skin and pushing outwards, press the prosthetic into place. If you get it wrong, you can use 99% alcohol to remove the piece as this will deactivate the  the adhesive (Prosaide). Once the alcohol has evaporated, you can reapply the piece. You should now be ready to blend the edges using witch hazel or fake-up blender.


Using a cotton bud or brush, gently wipe outwards to blend the edges. The blender will melt away the excess feathered edges creating a seamless blend to the skin. Warming the blender will help this process go a little quicker, but ensure it's not too hot. Don't brush too hard or heavy as you might melt too much of the gelatine. 


You can now start to colour the piece or simply add blood for a great effect. We have coloured this piece with cream paints although alcohol activated paints will offer a more professional look. Stipple and wash the piece and surrounding skin area rather than painting. 

Before adding the blood, you can also slightly powder the prosthetic and the surrounding area to remove any shine.

This example took 5 minutes from start to finish.

To remove the piece, use fake-up remover or soap and warm water.

NOTE: Gelatine is not vegan friendly as it's made from pork.

NOTE: Gelatine will melt in hot conditions. If you apply a piece to the top of your head, you may end up with a gooey mess after a few hours as the head can get very warm.

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