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Custom Orders

Custom orders will normally involve the following process.

  • Sculpt

  • Create a negative mould

  • Mould the piece

  • Colour the prosthetic

Prices for SFX custom jobs vary considerably depending on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the prosthetic piece.

We've shown a guide below, which gives you an idea of the work and costs involved when creating a small prosthetic piece from your design.

When creating custom orders, our customers are kept informed during every step of the process to ensure we are creating exactly what they require.

We hold the IP and copyright for all pieces created, however for an additional cost, this can be transferred to the customer. We also keep the negative mould, however you can purchase that for an additional cost.

For custom face pieces, we normally take a face cast first to ensure a perfect fit.


To discuss your custom order, please email or call us on 07883979306

  • Sculpt - Sculpting in oil based clay is charged by the hour. For a small flat piece, you would usually be looking at 2 hours work at £20 per hour however depending on the detail required, this could be anywhere between 1-5 hours work.


  • Negative mould - The next step is creating a negative silicone mould of the sculpted piece. For a small flat mould, the cost would be between £25 - £40 depending on the width and depth of the prosthetic piece.


  • Moulding the piece - We would then create a positive prosthetic in silicone from the mould we created. This piece would be encapsulated in acetone based cap plastic unless we're told otherwise. Each piece would cost between £8 - £15. Gelatine versions are also available from around £7.


  • Colouring - The prosthetic would be coloured using either alcohol activated or silicone paint or a combination of both. Cost for colouring the piece starts at around £15. Colouring the piece is optional as most customers prefer to colour their own flat moulded pieces.

SFX prosthetic
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