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Prosthetic Nipples

We make affordable silicone prosthetic nipples and areola that can be applied and re-used multiple times if carefully removed. 

They can be applied to any part of the body using Fake-Up pressure adhesive, prosaide or a similar skin safe adhesive.

We have numerous shapes, colours and sizes that are pre-made, but can take custom orders as well.

Silicone nipples can be found in our ETSY shop or click on one of the images shown below.

prosthetic nipple
Prosthetic nipple


Ensure the skin area is clean and dry.

Apply a thin layer of fake-up adhesive to the skin and the back of the prosthetic.

Always perform a skin test first to check for any allergies.

Ensure the adhesive is dry. When applied it's white, when it's dry it's clear.

Carefully press the prosthetic to the skin. If applied in the wrong place, you can reactivate the glue using isopropyl alcohol.

Once applied, the prosthetic is water resistant and can be worn all day.

To remove the prosthetic, use a cotton bud soaked in fake-up remover or isopropyl alcohol.

Wash with soap and water. Any excess adhesive can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

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